Amy Dahlgren
Amy Dahlgren

Andy Cope
Andy Cope
Tiffany Zeleny
Tiffany Zeleny

  • “I turned 40 this past September, the same month I officially joined CFK. (After a few months of dropins). Little did I know that this would be the start of one of the healthiest years of my life…..for sure in the last 20. Thanks to everyone at cfk…..coaches and athletes for the encouragement and the push to keep me moving forward every day. Lastly Angie Rankin for introducing me to the Crossfit community. -Joe Waszak
  • “Ran my first 5k mud run in years and ended up beating my friend who said I had no chance and taking 2nd overall. Thank you CFK and CrossFit for the new athletic ability and energy to push myself harder!” –Andy Cope
  • “CrossFit has literally changed my life in the last 9 months. My family has reaped the benefits of the CrossFit community and will continue this lifestyle long term” –Lisa
  • I have to say the coaches at CFK are INCREDIBLE! It’s because of your wisdom, guidance and coaching that I am even able to have a testimonial Tuesday! You all truly believe in all of us! You push us daily to do things we never knew we could accomplish. I couldn’t thank you enough!
    I also couldn’t make it through these classes without the support of the CFK community. The knowledge I have gained in the last 9 months has been unreal! You had faith in me even when I didn’t! You push me to do things I only ever dreamed of, hand stand push ups, pull ups, toes to bars were all once hopes and dreams, today I make them happen. -Tiffany Zeleny
  • “Today I hit a major milestone in my weight loss/fitness journey. 40 lbs G-O-N-E. This has been one of the most physically painful (back surgery last year) and emotionally challenging things I have ever done but worth every second of it. I am grateful to CFK for accepting me, getting my butt in gear and realizing I CAN do this. Thanks everyone for your support each workout, you have made a huge impact on me!!” -Jeannie Case
  • Hardest workout of my life with the most amazing people I’ve ever come across. Sincerely, thank you CrossFit Kinesis family for all your motivation, love and support today, I feel like I can do anything now! (Except for muscle ups maybe? haha).
  • “If anyone out there is looking for a transformation, but, CrossFit sounds intimidating, I can’t stress enough, that the way CrossFit Kinesis is set up, you can just start, and you should. You don’t have to know anything about lifting or working out, or feel intimidated. CFK has the best coaches around and they provide constant individual support in every class, during every movement. The CFK community is ultra supportive.
    You don’t have to be in your early 20’s, fresh off of collegiate athletics to succeed at CrossFit Kinesis. Truly anyone can be successful, even an out of shape, exhausted, sleep deprived mom (like me). You just have to show up and trust the process.” -Amy Dahlgren
  • “These two coaches are the epitome of the phrase ‘practice what you preach’.” – Sarah & Corey
  • “Although I was a college athlete, I am in the best shape of my life and I have never felt better. Bottom line, CFK coaches are very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness. I will continue to recommend CFK to everyone I know and will enjoy watching the CFK community continue to grow.” –Nick
  • “Attention to form and technique are CFK’s top priorities, which gives me the confidence to push myself harder. They continue to inspire me to do better…every single day!” –Yvonne
  • “I’m 46 years old and I’ve worked out more in the past year than I have in my whole life. I look forward to looking up the next day’s WOD and instantly try to break it down in my head. An hour after doing burpees, wall balls, dead lifts, etc. you’re laying on the ground thinking ‘what the hell?’. A coach walks by, gives you a fist bump and says ‘you just got better today’. Darn right I did.” -Jeff